The Challenge

The communities at Northern Senja is located at the end of the electrical grid and has a relatively high demand for power, due to the rapid development of their industries over recent years. State-of-the-art fish processing equipment has been installed. Advanced robotics are now replacing manual tasks in the fish processing industry. This development does not only require more power, but also consistent power, in terms of voltage stability. The existing power grid is struggling to fulfill these requirements. There are also numerous plans for business expansion in the region that will furthermore increase the burden on the local grid. The traditional way to solve this problem is to build new transmission lines. Installing new powerlines take time and is expensive. The alternative is to think unconventionally and find a smarter way to use the existing grid. That is the challenge that is taken up by the Smart Senja project!

The Solution

With the increased demand for electric charging, and other use of electricity to replace fossil fuels, more communities will experience the same the grid related challenges that Northern Senja now is facing. This way the solutions that are developed for Northern Senja will benefit everyone in the long run. One of the solution we are looking at in this project is even distribution of electrical load between day and night. This will be done through installation of advanced power management systems in private households and local businesses. We will also establish a trading market for flexibility. Both homes, local businesses and hydropower plants will be able to participate so that the available power is best shared and used Large battery storage for electricity will be installed in two locations to even out fluctuations in consumption and mitigate some of the quality issues that the communities are experiencing today. The project will be exploring if and how local energy production can contribute to solve the grid related challenge at Northern Senja. This either through stand alone installations or installation of small home systems e.g. solar power. prosumenter. Få betalt for å tilby fleksibilitet som bidrar til å regulere toppene i forbruk.


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